Saturday, June 25

The Touryst will arrive on Steam on December 10 after passing through the Microsoft Store

Shinen Multimedia has confirmed that The Touryst be available on Steam on December 10. The game was released on PC in 2020 but for the Microsoft Store, but until now users of the Valve store had not been able to acquire this curious adventure that also has versions on all consoles. On computers it can reach up to 240 images per second and although Steam does not indicate a price, the usual on other platforms is 19.99 euros.

“You have just arrived at the Monumental Islands. Do you want to go swimming? Or rather dive into the depths of the sea? Or do you want to visit the game room, go shopping, dance at the beach party? Do you want to surf? Or talk to the strange and old tourist and you will hear what he has to say about these ancient and mysterious monuments “, say its creators about this title that allows explore exotic islands, investigate ancient monuments, secret places and participate in action “as varied as real life”.

In Vandal it was analyzed in its debut for Nintendo Switch and we tell you that it is a “correct and entertaining adventure, one of those that have good ideas but do not always execute with the same brilliance. Exploring the islands is very enjoyable, there are good minigames We have liked it a lot because of how well integrated they are with the environment and with the holiday theme, although that cannot hide how poorly designed certain situations are or how brief it is. If you are looking to have a good time with something slightly different and relaxed, you would do well to give it a try.“.

A very summery game

The objective is to advance between islands, each recreated with a beautiful retro 3D look thanks to the voxel style, investigate mysterious temples and solve challenges that combine puzzles and platforms. However, the fun is also exploring these locations, participating in optional missions and Mini-games of surfing, caving, scuba diving, photography and more.

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