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The first Xbox was close to having a traditional modem and an ethernet port | LevelUp

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On November 15, Xbox turned 20 years old and Microsoft’s games division threw the house out the window to celebrate the launch of the first console in its short, but great history. The celebration was also the right moment for anecdotes and those who experienced the process first-hand revealed some details that could have changed things if they had been otherwise.

An important decision in Xbox history

During a special broadcast with important members of the Xbox team throughout its history – which was hosted by Reggie Fils-Aimé – an important detail was revealed regarding the first Xbox console. As you know, this system transcended in the history of videogames because it had a hard disk and an ethernet connection for broadband communication, something new that gave them an advantage over the competition, however, this could be different because at the beginning it was thought to provide to the console of a traditional modem for 56K connection.

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Broadband connection was Xbox’s bet for the future

In this regard, Robbie Bach, Xbox’s business manager, revealed that during the development process of the first Xbox, the idea of ​​Xbox LIVE as an online environment was already known, but the best way it could operate was with broadband connections. The problem in question was that in 2000 and 2001, less than 20% of the population with Internet access had access to this type of connection and previous experiences in other systems used a traditional modem.

However, as Peter Moore, one of the architects of the success of Xbox, pointed out, the idea was for the console to reflect the intentions of the brand regarding a proposal that mitigated towards the future, so that in a meeting with Bill Gates , then CEO of Microsoft, it was decided that the Xbox would have an ethernet connection and would not stop its ambition regarding Xbox LIVE. The rest is history.

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