Monday, August 8

Tandem A Tale of Shadows will arrive in physical format • Console and Dashboard

Tandem A Tale of Shadows has chosen PS4 and Nintendo Switch to launch its physical format. It is something that is decreasing in recent years in the video game industry, as a consequence of the massive practice in digital purchases. However, there are studies that continue to bet on these versions, for lovers of “little boxes”.


Puzzles and platforms come together to bring this game to life. Ten-year-old Emma is the protagonist of the adventure, along with her teddy bear Fenton. The stubbornness of the character, together with our skills as a detective, will lead us to try to solve the disappearance of the son of a renowned magician, Thomas Kane.

Located in the deserted mansion of the Kane family, we will ally with the lights and the shadows (without forgetting our little bear) to find the missing person on duty. Along the way, you will have to solve 40 puzzles and face a variety of obstacles that will hinder your progress.

To overcome any meddling, we will have to use the unique abilities of the protagonists and support each other. The game has a total of 48 levels, in five different worlds, controlling Emma and Fenton. In addition, it has a final boss and several hidden and secret rooms. Tandem A Tale of Shadows It will arrive on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, in physical format, on March 25, 2022. It will do so from the hand of Meridiem Games.

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