Tuesday, January 18

Serious Sam 4 is listed for PS5 in Germany’s age rating

Serious Sam 4, released in September 2020 for PC and Google Stadia, will arrive on consoles. Germany’s age rating system, the USK, has listed a version of this prequel on PlayStation 5, a normally quite reliable move that anticipates the announcement of the game. At the moment there is no official announcement of its arrival on consoles but it could be one of the surprises of The Game Awards, which are held on December 9.

We do not know if the absence of mentions of Xbox Series X | S is because there are no plans at this time to launch the game on the Microsoft console or the version will be listed soon. We remind you that the game is developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital, and although Sony has a stake in the company, it is a minority percentage that it does not affect the control and decisions of the publisher.

Serious Sam 4 takes place before the original and maintains all the action of the classic saga “with new additions, putting within reach of the player an unstoppable arsenal of weapons against endless hordes of enemies, which requires players to keep moving to get out of situations that seem impossible to overcome. “Humanity is under siege as Mental forces spread across the world, destroying what little is left standing. The only resistance force left to fight this invasion, known as the EDF, is led by Sam “Serious” Stone and his squad, made up of commandos armed to the teeth and ready for combat.

An exciting game, but that knew little in certain aspects

In our analysis of Serious Sam 4 we highlight that fans of the original will love because of the saga’s improved formula, but also that it had lagged a bit behind shooters more modern in terms of level design, enemy artificial intelligence and some technical problems.


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