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Niantic wants to build a metaverse like Facebook and received $ 300 million to do it | LevelUp

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The metaverse is an increasingly common word and it is that different technology companies have different visions for this concept that promises to be the future of communication and entertainment. We know that Facebook and Epic Games are betting on this, but they are not the only ones. Niantic, company of Pokémon GO, He also has his vision of the metaverse and received a $ 300 million investment to make it happen.

As reported Techcrunch, recently Nitantic was part of an investment round. In it, he received $ 300 million, which will bring the value of the company to $ 9,000 million. This money will be used to build a metaverse in the real world.

The above means that Niantic’s vision of metaverse has a very big difference from that of Facebook and Epic Games: it moves away a bit from what happens on the screens to focus more on the streets, parks and squares. Although the way in which you will interact with its metaverse will be through a device with a screen, the company wants its virtual world to take you out into the real world, how and does Pokémon GO.

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In other news

Thus, the Niantic metaverse moves away from virtual 3D spaces that can be accessed through a viewer or screen. Instead, you will focus on using the physical location information that you have collected from Pokémon GO. In this way, they seek to take advantage of augmented reality and real locations to create a metaverse that offers entertaining interactions. We will have to be pending to discover how these proposals materialize.

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