Thursday, May 26

Loli, the ‘black widow’ of ‘First Dates’: “I have not died a single man, I have died several”




Loli, a 51-year-old cleaner from Madrid who has gone through all the civil states but has had no luck in love, has gone this Tuesday to the restaurant of ‘First Dates’ Searching for love. Your appointment has been If, a 55-year-old retired driver from Madrid who had better not suffer the same fate as the rest of the men who have passed through the life of his date.

I’ve been through all the marital statuses because I’ve already been reunited and all that stuff with other couples, but it has not gone well for me. Usually they either die or be (SIC) disappear “, Loli stated in her introduction before meeting Jos. “It’s not that I’m the black widow or anything like that. They die alone, because not only one has died, several have died, and the ones that don’t disappear, make a David Copperfield and his mom will know where they are, because I don’t know. “ has added the Madrid cleaner.

“He has entered and I have seen something that is very good. The truth is a person who does, who fits. In what I have asked, it fits one hundred percent “, Jos assured when he met Loli. Previously, he had made it clear that he had not been lucky in love either. “I have a lot of going but with women I have not had any luck. And that is why I have come here, to see if I’m looking for the love of my life. Let’s see if it gives me a spark and sparks come out “, he had admitted before meeting his date. “I like a woman that I wear and that makes me feel like it, because that is how I enjoy it much more. If I don’t feel like it, what do I do? We don’t have anyone here. had specified.

Jos and Loli chat at the bar of the First Dates restaurant.

“Call me superficial, but if it does not enter my eye, it does not enter me anywhere”, Loli has stood out during the dinner, who has told Jos that she has married once, she has also been divorced once, she has become a widow again and then she has had another partner. “She is a woman who has a lot of experience in love. I don’t know the love she gives, but I think she has to give a lot of love”, the retired chauffeur has opined that he has also been married and divorced once.

Loli has told Jos that her husband died 15 years ago and that despite having met several men afterwards, none have been like her husband, that is why she has pointed out that “Men will have to come with an expiration date like yogurts”, a statement that his date has liked, who has fallen in love with the charms of the ‘black widow’: “She has everything. I think she is beautiful, she takes care of herself, because she has a crack body, her body is spectacular, and now what it does to me is that it makes me feel good and that I can give it caa, that this is two days, but that it is pretty and I liked it “. However, there has been no reciprocity.

“I know, I would not mind, because in an hour nothing is known to a person”, Jos has answered when he has been asked if he will have a second date with Loli, but it will be that he will not because she has made it clear that he will not have a second date with him: “Not at a couple level because I think there has to be a connection from the first moment and you are not my prototype.” The good thing for Jos about Loli’s decision is that it will not add to his list of couples who have died; the negative, that Madrid is not going to give him love or love.

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