Thursday, May 26

In Japan they mark the boxes of PS5 to fight the resellers

Tech firms like AMD argue that the PS5 and Xbox Series shortages will ease as we head headfirst into 2022 … but, meanwhile, stores are struggling to respond to demand in Spain and throughout the world. world. A stock shortage that resellers are getting a lot out of … so Japanese stores have decided to get down to business and devise a technique to combat these practices. The GEO chain directly marks the inside of the PS5 cases.

As they echo from PSU, GEO has had to be pushed to sell the PS5 remittances through raffles: if you win, you have a chance to buy a PS5. Participants sign up for this lottery through the GEO mobile app, and this week they came across a new tab within the lottery menu.

This menu explains the new anti-resale measures to users, and asks users to accept it. Then, at the time of purchase, the box containing the PS5 will be opened and an X should be drawn on the packaging bag of the DualSense controller. If this mark is not drawn, the player will not be allowed to purchase the console, as shown in the image that we have left on these lines.

In Japan they fight against resale by marking PS5 packaging

GEO is not the only chain that has put measures to combat these practices. From the Nojima Denki stores they also started writing the buyer’s name on the outside of the PS5 box. In fact, they even keep the remote control box as exposed by the Twitter account @aevanko: “The point of writing the full name is because most resellers wish to remain anonymous.”

The Console Shortage: When Will It End?

Although from AMD they bet because mid 2022 Let’s start to see an improvement, other companies like Intel and Toshiba bet more on end of next year so that the market returns to its natural course. “The supply of chips will remain very tight until at least September next year. In some cases, some customers may not receive full services until 2023,” said Toshiba’s Takeshi Kamebuchi.

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