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Hawkeye’s video shows a comprehensive look at Clint Barton’s new purple costume

A promo clip recently posted on Twitter gives fans their best look at Clint Barton’s new costume in the upcoming Disney + Hawkeye series.

A promo clip recently posted on Twitter has given fans their best look at Clint Barton’s new costume on the upcoming Disney +. Hawkeye Serie. The series sees Jeremy Renner reprising his role as the Avengers archer as a mentor to new heroine Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld. The series will air its first two episodes on Disney’s streaming service on November 24.

As one of the founding Avengers of the MCU, Clint Barton has worn many different costumes throughout his time in the franchise. From more standard SHIELD uniforms seen in their introduction at Thor and the first half of the Avengers, to his black and red sleeveless suit inspired by his’Latestdesign of the universe, Hawkeye’s appearance would evolve into a long-sleeved coat in Avengers: Age of Ultron, before adopting more traditional purple accents in Captain America: Civil War. Clint’s most drastic evolution is with his Ronin appearance in Avengers Endgame, which will also be important for the new series. However, the new series will also give Clint a new main outfit.

In a clip uploaded by the official Hawkeye On the show’s Twitter account, the clip shows a glimpse of Clint posing ready to shoot in his full outfit. The outfit features a primarily black upper with purple accents on the upper body and sleeves, as well as Hawkeye’s traditional arrow emblem stamped across his chest. Clint also wears black pants and a shooting glove on his left hand while carrying a quiver on his back. Joking with that «The past has caught up“The remainder of the short clip consists of a montage of previously released images showing Clint and Kate in action. Check out the teaser clip below:

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First revealed in April, Clint’s latest Hawkeye costume closely resembles the costume the hero wore after the ‘Marvel Now ‘ relaunch of the comics continuity in 2012, as well as Matt Fraction Hawkeye Serie. It consists of a black and purple outfit with a more casual short-sleeved shirt that fits in with the hero’s more street adventures. Fraction’s run is a notable inspiration for the Disney + series, with Clint’s dynamic with Kate, Lucky the Dog, and many scenes drawn from the comic book series.

Although there are minor adjustments, Renner’s new suit in Hawkeye It is a fairly faithful translation of the comic aspect of the hero from the page to the screen. The costume has received slight adjustments to fit the timeline of the MCU show, such as swapping out the short-sleeved shirt for a long-sleeved shirt more appropriate for the seasonal time period. With a faithful update to the costume that appears in one of the character’s most beloved series, Hawkeye promises to please both new and old fans of the Avenger archer.

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