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Halo Infinite campaign will not unlock armor for multiplayer | LevelUp

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Last week, Microsoft and 343 Industries thrilled fans with the surprise launch of the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite. Since then, thousands of players have already had the opportunity to enjoy the various game modes and unlock some cosmetic items to customize their spartans. Unfortunately, and if you were one of those people who hoped to get armor by completing the campaign, we have bad news for you.

This morning, dataminer Chaz the Jackal took to his Twitter account to share his findings after rummaging through the archives of the sci-fi shooter. Thus, he discovered that throughout the campaign, players will be able to unlock 34 customization items, but none of them are armor pieces that radically change the player’s appearance.

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Instead, the objects that were leaked are armor skins that alter color and texture, but not their design. Likewise, there are skins for weapons and vehicles, while it will also be possible to unlock 2 charms, 10 emblems and a posture.

Of course, it is important to remember that this information still lacks official confirmation. Thus, although data mining is an effective method of discovering elements of a game, we still cannot be 100% sure that it will not be possible to unlock armor when playing the campaign.

How to get armor in Halo Infinite?

In the event that the leak turns out to be true, everything seems to indicate that there are only 3 ways to get new armor pieces in Halo Infinite, which are closely linked to the multiplayer component.

The first way is through the controversial Battle Pass, which has 100 levels and, luckily, does not expire. Of course, it is necessary to pay $ 10 USD to buy the premium variant of the pass and unlock all the rewards it has to offer.

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On the other hand, the second way is through free events such as the next Fracture: Tenrai, which will allow you to get the spectacular samurai skin. Finally, the third and final way to obtain armor is by purchasing it directly from the store with Halo Credits.

But tell us, what do you think of this decision? Would you like to obtain armor through the campaign? Let us read you in the comments.

Halo Infinite It will debut on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You will find more news related to him if you click here.

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