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Dragon Ball: Breakers villain options are the best in anime

Dragon Ball Z’s most iconic villains make up one side of the roster for Dragon Ball: The Breakers, an asymmetric multiplayer game.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is bringing the A-list of villains to its asymmetric multiplayer. There have been many different Dragon Ball anime series, but WITH remains the most popular, and provides all confirmed villains for The breakers. Players will have the opportunity to terrorize their opponents like Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu, the greatest and best villains in anime.

With his one-on-seven game basically Dragon Ball: The Breakers it is Dead by daylight or similar to the now deceased Evolve. Dragon Ball: The Breakers aims to put players in a situation that takes place before the Z-Fighters come to save the day from some of the greatest threats in the universe. The seven Survivors must run, hide and annoy the Raider as they try to escape with the Super Time Machine. Players who are put on the Survivor team will receive the role of average Dragon Ball citizens, caught in the path of destruction of Frieza, Cell or Kid Buu.

So far, Cell is the only Raider to appear in Dragon Ball: The Breakers game clips and screenshots. He can be seen stalking the streets of Ginger Town looking for its residents to absorb, much like he does at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z Cell Sagas. Frieza and Kid Buu have only appeared in promotional images for the game so far, although their placement alongside Cell seems to confirm that they will be playable.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers uses a DBZ villain trope

Outside of the main cast (of which Buu becomes part of Dragon Ball Super), Frieza, Cell and Kid Buu are some of the oldest Dragon Ball characters. Each of their respective sagas spans many episodes, but aside from their popularity, their abilities make them important to the game of The breakers. The asymmetric multiplayer seems to take advantage of a trope seen repeatedly throughout the series: enemies going through numerous transformations. The trailer shows Cell beginning the game in his larval stage, with the Raider player able to go through many different forms as the match progresses, seemingly in part due to the Survivors being absorbed.

Frieza and Kid Buu will likely do the same with multiple character models, since the Dragon Ball Official site mentions the Raider «meeting certain conditions“Get stronger and”reach its final form. » Dragon Ball games like Kakarotto and Luchador Z have long relied on the most popular aspects of anime to appeal to gamers, often making them play through an adaptation of DBZhistory, but Dragon Ball: The Breakers harness some of anime’s best villains for what can be a refreshing new experience. A lots of Dragon Ball Fans will likely be excited to get a chance to play through the transformations of Cell, Frieza, and Kid Buu.

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