Tuesday, January 25

Best Boy’s Adventure, a free game for PC and mobile • Console and Board

The Canarian study PlayMedusa launches its new project. Under the title of Best Boy’s Adventure, we found a pixelated adventure, that can be enjoyed for free from the browser. It is compatible with PC and mobiles.


This adventure takes us to Los Angeles in the 1950s. It is our first day of work in the most important production company of the moment, as an errand boy. As our boss tells us, one failure will be enough to get you fired.

Our mission is to prevent filming from being delayed and, perhaps, to get the odd Oscar nomination. A) Yes, we will drive at full speed, dodging everyone who crosses the road, and we will transport great stars.

For now, we will start with a “primary” task: bring the boss a coffee. As its creators point out, the game can be used as a learning tool, by including history about the classics of the cinema.

It is defined as the official game of the Isla Calavera Canary Island Fantastic Film Festival. Playmedusa contributes a video game for the third consecutive year, after An American werewolf in L.A. and Titans came from the Ray.


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