Thursday, January 20

Announced Minabo, social simulation game • Console and Board

DevilishGames, studio located in Alicante, presents Minabo. It is defined as a social simulation game, with a release on Windows and Mac (Steam) scheduled for spring 2022.


Walk the line of life. It will be our mission in this novelty, which begins sprouting from the earth. Like turnips, we will grow and prosper, advancing at the rate we see fit.

We will interact with others, acquiring virtues and defects that will condition future encounters. To build a true social circle, it will be necessary to take care of the relationships that matter to us, fleeing from the most toxic (as in life itself).

Adopting pets is also within the possibilities, along with the option of starting a family (with their offspring) or living fast and dying young. Its creators point out that there are thousands of ways to live life and that none will be the right one. Every decision will have its consequences. The collectibles They will not miss the appointment, through the hats, causing different effects when wearing them. They go through a plus of elegance or a change in life expectancy.

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