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Activision Blizzard will create a committee dedicated to the fight against bullying | LevelUp

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Last week was not good for Activision Blizzard, as a new report came to light that exposed once again the terrible work environment that the company has, as well as accusations against managers for contributing to the growth of the problem. The critics did not wait and they do not stop; In the midst of them, Activision Blizzard responded with a new measure that seeks to solve the problem.

On the night of November 22, Activision reported through a press release the formation of a special committee that will aim to ensure the well-being of its employees and achieve the aboral environment that the company wants so much lately, free from harassment and inappropriate behaviors.

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Activision will try to end harassment with this new committee

The company’s board of directors made the decision to form the Workplace Responsibility Committee, which will be headed by the 2 independent directors Reveta Bowers and Dawn Ostroff, 2 women who have been working at Activision Blizzard for no more than 3 years and who curiously They are the only 2 women who are part of the company’s board of directors. Likewise, it was anticipated that a “new and diverse” member will join the company’s board of directors, without revealing his identity.

In the statement, Acivision Blizzard states that, although with the help of the board, “significant progress has been made to improve the workplace culture,” the current situation “requires greater commitment from the board.”

According to Activision Blizzard, this new measure, together with “additional future changes” will allow for better direction and transparency, since it would be able to project the company’s commitment to its employees with “urgency and impact.”

How will the new anti-bullying committee work at Activision Blizzard?

It was explained in the statement that in order for the committee to carry out its task of supervising compliance with the anti-harassment measures that the company seeks to implement, it will receive indicators from the personnel director, the compliance director and the director himself. company general, Bobby Kotick. The committee, which may use external independent consultancy, will review the progress made and regularly report the results to the full board.

It is striking that in the way of operating this new organization there will be no participation of the company’s employees. We remind you that a few days ago more than 1000 workers requested in a letter that Bobby Kotick resign and the community did the same through Change.org. At the time of writing this letter, this letter already has about 30,000 signatures.

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Activision assures that measures have been taken since 2018 to improve the work environment, among which several stand out to ensure consistency and responsibility, training, and improvement of methods to report and respond to harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

We remind you that the policies that Activision Blizzard seeks to implement after the conditions of the company’s work environment came to light will not apply retroactively to Boby Kotick, on the grounds that there is no evidence of the allegations, other than that there is happened, they took place many years ago.

“This has been a challenging time across the company, but the board is confident in the steps taken to lead the company to future success,” Activision Blizzard said in the statement.

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