Tuesday, August 16

Activision Blizzard announces committee dedicated to overseeing anti-bullying measures

Activision Blizzard has announced the creation of a workplace responsibility committee that ensure the implementation of initiatives to eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace, as revealed in a Press release. It is a move in response to the latest reports on sexual harassment and abuse at the company that now also directly affect CEO Bobby Kotick. In addition to internal pressures, partners such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo have shown their discomfort with the situation and are considering taking action.

The committee’s creation comes as no surprise because it was mentioned in recent days, when Kotick’s possible resignation was also discussed. The text basically speaks of a committee that monitor Activision Blizzard’s progress with “implementing its new policies, procedures and commitments to improve the work culture and eliminate all forms of harassment and discrimination in the company “, but no action is mentioned against the CEO himself. The committee will be made up of the two women on the board of directors -Dawn Ostroff and Reveta Bowers – and it is also cited that a new director is being added to the board.

“The committee will require management to develop key performance indicators and / or other means to measure progress and ensure that it is met,” the text says. “Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick, along with Chief Personnel Officer and Chief Compliance Officer provide frequent progress reports to the committee, to report periodically to the full board. The committee is empowered to engage outside consultants or advisers, including independent legal advisers, to assist in its work. “

“A time of challenges”

The statement ends by describing the moment as a challenge for the whole company “But the board relies on the actions that are being taken” to ensure success.

As recognized by sources The Wall Street Journal, some executives will have informed Kotick about the unrest among the company’s employees and that The protests will not stop until you leave, for covering up and knowing the cases of harassment for years. It does not seem, therefore, that the announced measure will change the unease among Activision Blizzard workers.



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