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While they fix the trilogy? Players on PC return to Grand Theft Auto IV | LevelUp

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Accustomed to the quality of Rockstar Games games, many gamers experienced the bitter pill after trying Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, remastering full of bugs and details that have angered those who played the original installments and expected a new version worthy of what the first ones were at the time. Rockstar’s response has been to apologize and commit to improving the game and while that is happening, some users found a warm haven in Liberty City with Grand Theft Auto IV.

Some players have found refuge in GTA IV after the bitter drink

In the now distant 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV generated divided opinions, because although the quality of the game was not in question, there were sectors that were not hooked, at least at the beginning, with their more mature proposal and that was far from what was seen in the trilogy that led the franchise to the top . However, the passage of time has given it its rightful place. Grand Theft Auto IV and after what happened with the recent launch of the IP some players wanted to enjoy again, or perhaps for the first time, the story of Niko Belic, as shown in the SteamCharts database (via The Gamer), where there is an increase in the number of players of this title.

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GTA IV is one of the favorite games of modders

According to the site, the number of players of Grand Theft Auto IV on Steam increased 28.98% in recent days, coinciding with the eventful debut of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. Given this rise in the number of users of GTA IV, it has been considered that there are some users who want to return to the title or enjoy it for the first time due to the mentions it had in recent weeks. In the same way, it is thought that the fact that the subject of mods was dealt with with respect to the remastering of the trilogy gave new visibility to the scene of modders of GTA IV, one of the games that has seen great creations from enthusiasts.

Since we talked about Grand Theft Auto IV, It is said that there are possibilities of seeing a remastered version, something that is already beginning to generate expectation among fans of the franchise.

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