Monday, August 8

The Past Within shown in an official trailer • Console and Dashboard

The Past Within, from Rusty Lake, is presented with a two-minute trailer, which shows us part of its essence with real people. They show us how to enjoy this proposal and also, the prominence that the puzzles will have in the game.


Rusty Lake already has several games on the market, using similar graphics, the essence of ‘point and click’ and puzzles. On The Past Within it will go a step further, since, in addition to incorporating all of the above, it makes use of both two and three dimensions.

The factor of exploring the past and the future is added to them, along with the mysteries that surround the intriguing Albert Vanderboom. It is known that it can be enjoyed with two players, cooperatively, to participate in 2D in one and 3D in the other. It is because one player will be in the past and another in the future.

There will be no choice but to communicate to solve puzzles and Albert Vanderboom’s own plan. At the moment, it does not have a specific release date. It will arrive early in the second quarter of 2022, for Windos and Mac, via Steam. The creators’ plans also include iOS and Android, along with Nintendo Switch.

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