Tuesday, August 16

The nap of the quarter of an hour and embroider it

Doctors say that a 15-20 minute nap has very beneficial restorative effects for health and makes us face the rest of the day with a different physical and intellectual tone. Madrid followed medical advice to the letter in Granada. He worked well for half a day, then beheaded for a quarter of an hour on the sofa at 0-2 and finished the remainder of the game with an exquisite football.

It’s a shame to attend every Madrid game at these moments of disconnection. It is almost a sign of identity of the team. Sometimes it pays off. Because the team crushes and dispatches 70 minutes of film, like yesterday. Other times, the rival takes advantage of it to tie the game or take advantage. It did not happen in Granada because

Kroos and Modric gave a symposium on how to control a party. They played everything playable on all terrains and at all the speeds that the game required. Each ball that passed through its negotiated room improved and packaged to give continuity to the game

. Benzema, Vinicius, Asensio and company joined in. The result could be a massacre. It was not because in football there is also mercy and, recently, there are the five changes. A circumstance capable of modifying a game for better or worse. In the case of Madrid, the parade of entrances and exits declined, without further ado.


The day before, Florentino Prez asked the assembly for permission to extend the stadium’s credit.

The president is at a time when the partners will donate even organs if necessary. He handled the assembly with the usual solvency and gave the usual little speech with that point of pride that, by the way, the delegates like so much

. He explained the Super League without explaining it, he summoned UEFA to fight a duel, he threatened to direct El Da Despus and the entire Movistar sports grid to put it to his liking … Of course, don’t worry the poor – “the dear Andorra and San Marino, “he said – that Madrid is here to save the world. But you already know how Florentino’s distributions are

. If there are five blocks, Madrid takes four and the other is for the rest. The president has a problem with this football thing. And it is that to play you need rivals. Big, small and medium hair. So Wednesday, against the Sheriff.

And it would be better for him to win …


Al Bara se Xavi was seen little things. There is intent in what the brand new coach wants to do. He got it halfway. God came to see him with a laughing penalty but beyond that

had the courage and rennet to continue pulling quarry and outline what he wants: pressure and control of the game through possession.

Easy to say and sell in the Barça universe but difficult to do because quality and conviction are needed. That is what it has come to.

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