Wednesday, January 26

Star Citizen exceeds 400 million in collection; it’s free until december

Cloud Imperium Games has raised more than 400 million dollars by Star Citizen, as reported PC Gamer. The official website shows in section “funding goals” that, as of this November 22, have been collected 403.378.018 dlares (358,272,288 euros at the current exchange rate) for a total of 3,368,217 players.

The rapid increase in the figure is noteworthy. When the aforementioned media published the news, 15 hours before the publication of this article, the collection was at 402,657,305 dollars. That is in less than a day they have raised $ 720,713 more. At this time, the game can be tested free until December 1.

All of this coincides with the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, a digital event that takes place within the game on the microTech planet. The exhibition shows ships of different manufacturers fictitious that are available for free rent; Every 48 hours, the manufacturer that presents its products changes.

The game ships cost real money and range from $ 20 to $ 3,000. The event started on November 19. Since then, at least $ 200,000 have been raised each day, up to the more than $ 700,000 that take this November 22. The event concludes on November 29, but between that day and December 1, all ships shown to date can be tested, which will probably lead to more sales.

Has been in development for over a decade

Star Citizen released version 3.15 of its alpha on November 11. The title directed by Chris Roberts (Wing Commander) began his preproduccin en 2010, began development a year later and began funding on Kickstarter in October 2012. It was in 2013 that game modules began to be released and since 2015 the “Persistent Universe” has been expanding. In these moments continue no release date. The campaign, Squadron 42, to be finally a separate game than “to be finished when it is finished”, in Roberts’s words.

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