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Sony files patent for official PlayStation 5 covers | LevelUp

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While the design of the PlayStation 5 is attractive and elegant, as well as being well received by gamers, the simple fact that its covers can be removed opened up endless possibilities for customization. As expected, it was a matter of months for third parties to come up with a business model selling covers with all kinds of designs and colors, although they ran into Sony’s lawyers head on. However, this is not the end of that idea, as the company could officially make it a reality.

Is Sony looking to sell official PS5 covers or stop third-party attempts?

According to information from GameRant, Sony registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office the patent “ornamental design for a cover for an electronic device”, which refers to the design of the covers of the PS5 in its current model. Although it is a basic registration as it is not a technological proposal, the patent seeks for Sony to be legally recognized as the only one empowered and authorized to license these parts in the market.

Sony’s new patent – Image: GameRant

Although it is a patent that may or may not become a commercial reality, it is expected that Sony can claim the right it has over its own console to offer this type of parts that would allow the PS5 to be customized according to the user’s taste and preferences. according to the designs that the company puts up for sale. In this case, what could happen is that the patent complies with its process and Sony has sufficient legal power to stop any initiative.

So far, Sony has faced third parties who have wanted to do business with covers for PS5 on a large scale, however, a short Google search is enough to confirm that there are all kinds of options to give a different touch to a PS5, some even made according to what the player requests.

What kind of cover would you put on your PS5?

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