Sunday, January 16

Resident Evil 7 receives a spectacular demake that brings it closer to the classic deliveries

Resident Evil 7, the game that revitalized Capcom’s veteran action horror saga, receives an impressive demake that mimics the style of classic deliveries. Resident Evil It is not a saga alien to the demakes, and it is that recently Resident Evil 4 received a demake very similar to the one we bring you today and the first trailer for Resident Evil 8: Village was also recreated following this same style as if it were a classic from the first PlayStation. Rustic Games BR, who is also the author of the demake from RE4, brings us this new trailer of RE7 in the style of PSX.

Unlike demake of the fourth installment, this new It is not available to the public as it is a small demo created with the Unity Engine. That said, once again the work done by Rustic Games BR is spectacular and manages to recreate very precisely the settings of the Mansin Baker with pre-rendered graphics. The first-person camera that attracted so much attention at the time is replaced by the well-known fixed third-person cameras that constantly change angle to suit the player’s view. Due to this last characteristic we can see the Ethan Winters model in full, although his face is still hidden in the inventory menu to maintain the mystery of the original game.

Inventory and classic targeting system

On the other hand, some important details like the limited inventory system and the trunks for storing different objects are kept in this demake, although they look much closer to that of the classics. Jack Baker, the father of the family, also makes his little appearance and serves as an excuse to show a aiming and shooting system which, again, is exactly the same as the classic titles. The fixed cameras make it difficult to see when aiming at enemies, a very characteristic detail of the original trilogy for generar tensin and that is perfectly captured in the demake.

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