Thursday, May 26

New World continues to set player reviews on fire and loses points on Steam

“I’m at the end of the rainbow. There isn’t a pot of gold. It’s just a lo with mistakes, broken promises and developers too busy working to implement server transfers to fix the game,” were the words of Mundangerous, one of the players unhappy with New World who, with almost 300 hours dedicated to the Amazon MMO, has not hesitated to unleash his anger on Steam. Like him, many users have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the title. That has led to the score of New World for recent reviews drop from “mostly positive” to “mixed” within 30 days. Recall that the title debuted on September 29 on PC.

New World continues to stoke the anger of the players

In general reviews, 71% of the 156,869 comments liked the game and it remains “mostly positive”; But the recent reviews are where the change is beginning to be seen: 59% of the 29,043 reviews published in the last 30 days are positive. “They spend a fortune on an anti-cheat system to make it useless because there are more ways to benefit from internal bugs than external cheats,” the user writes. Manudsi, who had over 300 hours played when he wrote his review. Remember that there was a bug that allowed you to double the gold. “I don’t recommend it at all. After more than 350 hours of play, you can’t do more than farm or raise gas.. There is no good end game. “

Cainshark, who had been playing for about 240 hours and it seems that he has not played the game again, noted the following: “As of today, November 2, I have been playing almost 240 hours, and the amount of bugs there is becoming more and more unbearable. More and more serious. Today the Trading Post is disabled, because objects and money are being dumped in huge quantities, which already worsens even more the economic system of the game that already expires by itself “.

The queues, the grinding, the bugs … the players charge against New World

The economic aspect of the game is not the only problem, of course: the complaints also revolve around the character nerf and a grind that doesn’t properly reward players. The Into the Void 1.1 update was supposed to aim to regain the trust of gamers and “rebuild” the excitement of immersing themselves in this world of fantasy … but it seems that the developer team still has work to do. . In fact, they have lost nearly half of their players since launch.

The team will soon introduce server handoffs to allow users to better accommodate different worlds of communication. New World. “The game has real potential, but it takes time”, also pointed arudb79. “It is not catastrophic in the graphic realm as it was Cyberpunk 2077 in game consoles, but it has a lot of bugs and the issue of servers and queues, which is really embarrassing. “

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