Tuesday, September 27

Invedars Announces GENPEI • Console and Dashboard

Invedars ultima los detalles de Dracula: Walpurgis Night and the new edition of Necronomicon. They are not the only projects in which it works, since the publisher prepares GENPEI. The first details are revealed.


At the moment, not much is known about GENPEI. What is known is that we are facing a table game for 1 to 4 players, created by Bernat Buxaus.

The action revolves around the control of territories. Defined as “a fairly agile game”, we will meet characters belonging to different clans. The first presented combines the shape of a cat with the Japanese essence (katanas included).

With a 60% complete development, it will be in the coming months when more information about its theme and mechanics will be revealed. For the moment, we can subscribe from your website to be the first to know what’s new.


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