Tuesday, August 16

International Basketball Manager 22 and the ACB join forces • Console and Board

International Basketball Manager 22 joins the ACB, which translates into having the official license of the Spanish basketball league. Soon, they will reveal other licenses that will also be in the game.


We can say that this game struggles to be the one Football Manager basketball, thus becoming the reference of the genre within the sport of basket shooting. Basketball is very interesting within the management, especially when leading our favorite team.

Uplay Basketball and Uplay Online have once again created a solid commitment to this sport and on the side of sports management. This year, it has been very forceful, since we will not only have a promising gameplay, but the licenses of the different leagues. The ACB is one of them, with all its clubs.

Without knowing yet which of the 20 leagues Those that the game will have will be licensed, beyond the ACB, what is clear is that the five continents will be present with some contribution. It is not for less, since 330 clubs and almost 5,000 players are confirmed.

On the other hand, new features are announced to improve the experience, such as the coach’s intervention during the game and key decision-making. International Basketball Manager 22 It will arrive in 2022 on PC, via Steam. Also to iOS and Android, without a specific date.


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