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Horizon Forbidden West promises a very alive world full of things to do | LevelUp

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Horizon Forbidden West it will undoubtedly be a more ambitious adventure compared to its predecessor. For this, Guerrilla Games not only worked on new gameplay elements and an interesting narrative, but also designed a more complex and alive world.

Through the playstation blog, the company explained how complete the world of the sequel will be and what it will mean for gamers in terms of adventure. He made it clear that Forbidden West will be a region populated with dynamism, things to do, and of course plenty of variety and action.

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Horizon Forbidden West will offer a complex world full of surprises

Guerilla explained that Horizon Forbidden West It will have a world full of life thanks to its menacing machines and the various settlements that Aloy can visit. The developers explained that these locations are in themselves one more character in the adventure, as they will present tribes with different lifestyles and cultures.

On the other hand, it is stated that the sequel will offer hours and hours of exploration, which fans will enjoy thanks to the variety of fully immersed environments to create something unique and that will tell more about the lore of the saga.

“When touring Forbidden West, nothing can be out of place. Guerrilla’s Living Worlds team works on those aspects that make the game world full of authenticity and life: tribes, settlements and their inhabitants. Everything we do in the world has a purpose, ”commented the study.

According to Guerrilla, players will be dazzled by the level of detail presented by the world and its inhabitants, which will have different behaviors and animations depending on the type of settlement.

“All NPCs who do not fight in Horizon Forbidden West they are part of a crowd system. In this system, we can create rules such as reactions, walking routes and other animations. There is also the attitude system, which is responsible for defining personality. This means that we can create unique inhabitants, with their own behavior in the world ”, added the company.

Thus, players can enjoy learning about the lifestyle led by tribes such as the Tenakth, Utaru, and the Oseram, described as the strong, the peaceful, and the skilled, respectively.

“Aloy’s journey will take her through beautiful settlements where she will meet many interesting characters, trade for new equipment and prepare for the challenges that await her,” Guerrilla said.

Personalization will go deeper in Horizon Forbidden West

The complexity of the world is reflected in other aspects of Horizon Forbidden West, such as Aloy customization. The variety of weapons and outfits available are based on the various cultures that will exist in the game.

In addition to benefiting the protagonist with more power and protection, the outfits and weapons will reflect a unique style that matches the lore of each tribe. So there will be weapons and equipment built with specific materials according to each settlement,

Added to all this is the new workbench, where Aloy can use pieces from her enemies to forge weapons and outfits. In addition, it will be possible to improve the equipment already available.

“As they travel Forbidden WestPay attention to machines that expose their horns, claws, fangs or tails. Although the first improvements will not need more than a braided cable or a robust plate, to achieve more modification slots, more powerful advantages or greater resistance, they will have to extract the pieces of a Terremamut, for example, before folding it down ”, he concluded Warfare.

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Horizon Forbidden West It will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 18. In this link you will find more information about the title.

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