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Horizon Forbidden West details the changes they have made to achieve ‘a credible world’

Guerrilla Games has detailed in an article published in the official PlayStation blog the numerous systems that they have introduced in Horizon Forbidden West for what “the Lost West will come to life”. This is news in the behaviour characters, different in each of the tribes, the bustle that will be in the large settlements, and mechanics that serve both to improve Aloy and to give the feeling that the world is a true ecosystem.

“Everything we do in the world has a purpose”says in the post Espen Sogn, Chief Designer of Living Worlds. The different tribes will have specific behaviors that will make it possible to identify characters from those factions from afar.

For example, Tenakh, whose base is an ancient world ruin, are constantly training and preparing for battle, and even use the military salute to salute normally. The Utaru, an agrarian society, are very different: they live quietly and tend to meet in groups and have a closer personality. The Oseran they are patriarchal and greet each other by hitting each other on the shoulder and giving a high five.

Even in details like the mode of carry a bucket of water, each of the tribes does it differently to reflect the personality. Sogn says that non-combatant characters “are part of a crowd system.” The hunters, cooks, blacksmiths, and other NPCs in each tribe will display different behaviors despite having the same role.

Horizon Forbidden West tribal camps

“In such a system, we can create rules such as reactions, walking itineraries and other animations, “explains the developer.” There is also the attitude system, which is responsible for defining personality. This means that we can create unique inhabitantsyes, with his own behavior in the world. “

These systems will be seen mainly in large settlements, such as Cadena Chirriante, one of the first destinations for Aloy to visit. In those places, players will be able to get orders, trade and create, although Senior Designer Steven Lumpkin assures that all of this has been designed to reward “the player for delving into the world […] without penalizing those who want to focus on the story principal”.

“In every settlement in the world you will find opportunities for adventure,” says Lumpkin. “Although they will also have their fair share of merchants and vendors,” including tailors, hunters, herbalists and cooks, who will allow create outfits (which will now have more importance in skills and can be changed on the fly), forge and improve weapons, obtain medicines and acquire rations to enhance Aloy’s capabilities.

Hunt machines to get parts to create weapons and armor

The publication also gives more details of the system of work benches that will allow Aloy create and upgrade your own weapons and outfits. The described system resembles a Monster Hunter. In Lumpkin’s words: “As you traverse the Forbidden West, stick with the machines that expose your horns, claws, fangs, or tails“.

Horizon Forbidden West

“Although the first improvements will not need more than a braided cable or a robust plate, to achieve more mod slots, more powerful perks, or better resistances you will have to extract the pieces of a Terremamut, for example, before folding it down. ” plants, animals and a crystal called Green Glow will also be useful.

Horizon Forbidden West arrive the February 18, 2022 to PS5 and PS4. During the last weeks they have given more details of the novelties of this sequel: the Indian machines, exploration and combat enhancements, visual leap to create photorealistic and expressive characters, and features exclusive to the PS5 version.


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