Thursday, January 20

Guerrilla announces a podcast dedicated to the world of Horizon in anticipation of Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West launches February 18 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Guerrilla Games is expected to begin showing more of the action RPG sequel in the coming weeks, and has announced a new initiative for now: Gaia Cast, an official podcast dedicated to the universe of Horizon.

According to Sony’s studio, GAIA Cast will delve into the world that debuted in 2017 and in the first season the developer team will focus on the original game, Horizon Zero Dawn. The first episode will be dedicated to the protagonist of the story, Aloy, and will premiere tomorrow, November 23.

The taser shows a series of titles of the topics that other episodes will deal with, including the events of the 21st century that are narrated in the game, the project itself Zero Dawn, the various tribes, the Eclipse faction, the Carja civil war, the machines, threats and villains. The podcast, in short, is aimed at review the background of the first game to remind players who plan to enter the world of Forbidden West in early 2022.

A sequel with new locations, mechanics, and robotic creatures

Aloy’s new adventure will take us to new corners of this world dominated by machines. There will be more robotic creatures, new movements to climb and give Aloy mobility, and the introduction of underwater areas where to explore ruins of the ancient world … and discover threats in the form of creatures prepared for this environment.

“Many machines have various weapons and behaviors that you can use to your advantage. It is no longer enough just to extract components and use them”, Guerrilla Games said. “Some machines may have other passive states while the player tries to sneak up on them. For example, if a machine is searching the ground for resources, it will kick up a cloud of dust that Aloy can use to get closer without being seen.” Terremamut, Garriraptor or the Sunwing are some of these new enemies inspired by animals such as the mammoth, the velociraptor or a huge bird.

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