Thursday, May 26

Fortnite Adds New Gear From French Fashion Brand Moncler

Recently, Fortnite partnered with Balenciaga to bring real-life clothing from the luxury brand to the Battle Royale game. Now, he teamed up with French luxury line Moncler for another fashion line.

As detailed in the Fortnite Blog, the new outfits are “inspired by Matthew Williams’ 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM collection.” The Moncler Classic Set features two light and dark outfits that actually change color based on how you play the game. Moncler specializes in ski gear, so as you climb mountains and reach higher altitudes in Fortnite, your clothes will get darker. Lower it and it will return to its clearer appearance. It’s a neat trick that makes new outfits feel a bit more special.

The Moncler Classic Set also includes Umbra-Tube Back Bling, Umbra-Ax Pickaxe and Para-Pluie Glider. They may not change hue as you move up and down the Fortnite map, but they sport the same crisp black and white color palette as ski jackets. Grab the Moncler bundle to get all of those, and you’ll also get a new loading screen with a night mountain peak.

The next step for Fortnite crossovers is some Boba Fett content. The bounty hunter will arrive on December 24, just a few days early. Boba Fett’s book debuts on Disney +. That begins airing on December 29.

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