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Director of new Resident Evil movie wants to return the saga to terror | LevelUp

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Resident Evil had a good year receiving a popular game like Resident Evil Village and also to confirm his reboot in the cinema with a new movie. The scenes full of action and bullets starring the actress Milla Jovovich are long gone, and now a good movie awaits you that, according to its director, will seek to return terror to the franchise.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City It will be the first installment of the long-awaited reboot that will seek to conquer fans of the saga on the big screen, and will try to clean up the bad taste in the mouth that past films left for some.

It seems that this mission is very clear to the director of the film, Johannes Roberts, who seeks to counteract all the action and the little terror of previous productions, to present something that the followers of Resident Evil.

There are a few days until the premiere of the film

This objective was made known in a recent interview with the medium Entertainment Weekly, where the director spoke about his desire to capture the true essence of the saga:

“I’m a horror guy. I’m a Stephen King guy. I’m a John Carpenter guy. All of those things are built into the fabric of this movie. I was like, ‘Let’s do a horror movie again,” Roberts stated. .

Of course, if we talk about terror, we can find different types throughout the Capcom games, so the director of the feature film confessed which one he used to obtain the best result:

“I remember playing that second game (Resident Evil 2) and say ‘This is the movie. This is’. I was completely blown away. The aesthetics, the tone, the mood. I thought, ‘This is the cornerstone of what we’re going to do.’

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Finally, and although there is still no confirmation that the film can have sequels, Johannes Roberts is clear that he would love to continue expanding the reboot to include what was seen in other games in the franchise:

“I believe that (Welcome to Raccoon City) sets everything up very well, an origin story for each of our characters. I think it would be very important to me, that we not just use this as a stepping stone and then go to our own crazy world. I think there are so many things in games that are so fascinating and exciting that I would really love to continue exploring them. “

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City It will premiere on November 25 in theaters in Mexico.

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