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Canna accuses T1 of stopping his signing with another team | LevelUp

T1 top-laner Kim “Canna” Chang-dong has publicly denounced his team for mishandling his contract and trying to retain him by force. Through a statement, Canna’s agent revealed that it all started a year ago, when the player verbally agreed with the former chief operating officer of T1, John Kim, that if they did not reach a salary agreement by 2022, then he would be free to move to another organization. .

John Kim passed away in July 2021 but Canna assumed that T1 would keep the executive’s word, and in early October he approached an agency to begin negotiating his conditions for the following season.
Although Canna still had a year remaining on his contract at the time, he was never able to reach a salary agreement, so T1 put the player on the market as a free agent and allowed his agency to find a new home for him. But this is where things started to get tricky.

During the process, an organization – referred to as the D team for not revealing its full name – offered to buy Canna and raise her salary. The D-team offer met both the original Canna and T1 conditions. However, T1 not only rejected the offer several times on the pretext that “it was difficult to accept”, but ended up channeling the negotiations to a certain N team.


According to Canna’s agency, when team N put the cards on the table his offer turned out to be 50% lower than that of team D, and the contract he presented was disadvantageous for the player, so the negotiations were canceled. To top it all, the N team threatened to force the deal with T1 without Canna’s signature and, finding himself in this situation, the top-laner began to feel that he was being harmed.

It is for this reason that the Canna representative decided to take the case before the LCK officials, who clarified that the N team cannot sign Canna without their consent. Additionally, T1 was advised to keep Kim’s word and allow the player to freely choose their fate. However, the authorities are still reviewing whether the offer of team N was actually lower than that of team D.

Meanwhile, T1 also released a statement to defend itself claiming that it is not possible to verify the verbal agreement between Canna and Kim. In the same way, he assured that Canna was for sale because the player requested it on several occasions. And he ended by stating that, although he let the agency handle the negotiations, T1 is the one who has the last word.

It is speculated that the said D-team could be DWK KIA. For its part, the organization NS RedForce decided to reveal its identity as the N team, stating that all its actions adhere to the regulations and that, in fact, its offer was higher than that of the other team. As things are, Canna’s future looks uncertain. At this time, the LCK is still investigating the case and has not issued a verdict.

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