Tuesday, January 25

Black Friday Deals on Amazon: The Best Discounts on TV and Monitors

The Black Friday is just around the corner, a tradition that began in the United States and has already spread throughout the world (Spain included) with stores offering different offers and very juicy promotions, especially with regard to technological products.

Among them is, of course, Amazon, which has already started its Black Friday week with discounts of up to 50% in all kinds of products and, during the next few lines, we are going to share with you some outstanding offers on televisions and monitors, the screens that show us our favorite games and that are increasingly important to all of you.

The best discounts on televisions

Let’s start with somes interesting offers and discounts on televisions, covering all ranges, from LCD for tighter budgets, to OLED or QLED panels with HDMI 2.1 connectivity for all those looking for a TV for PS5 or XSX / S regardless of price.

Amazon monitors

The best discounts on monitors

Behind the televisions we continue with the monitors to play, screens in which a high refresh rate is usually already sought more than 4K resolution, although in our selection we are going to list models of all kinds to suit your needs and budgets:


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