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Battlefield 2042 player invents unique trick to heal teammates from a distance

A Battlefield 2042 player finds a useful trick to remotely heal other players on his team, without risking his own life doing so.

Battlefield 2042The official release has finally arrived, and despite the negativity surrounding the game, some players are still managing to find innovative strategies and tricks to gain the upper hand in battle. One player managed to find a near-foolproof method to heal other players remotely.

EA and DICE released Battlefield 2042 just a few days ago, and the fan reception has proven to be incredibly mixed, with an overall perspective that the game takes away too much of the previous iterations of the series. Updates are already planned and in the works, but the buggy release is leaving many players disappointed with the game and EA.

A trick demonstrated by Redditor ArchieBuld combines mechanics in a possibly unintentional way; when a medical box is dropped on Casper’s drone, the drone will carry the medical box wherever it flies. Contrary to the usual direct confrontation in Battlefield 2042 matches, this can be used to remotely heal teammates without risking the life of the drone pilot, and the video clip showing the hack shows that it can work in a variety of situations.

Healing teammates in Battlefield 2042 it can be difficult to do without risk, as in most cases players must be close to each other to transfer supplies. The ability to heal teammates remotely so easily could make all the difference in an intense battle, especially since the player being healed doesn’t even need to be within the drone pilot’s line of sight.

The mechanics, unfortunately, appear to be an unintended side effect of the imprecise collision boxes and raw medical box physics, further bolstering the fans’ narrative that Battlefield 2042 It could have been better if it had been delayed. Under normal circumstances, having elements without an accurate physical simulation would not be a problem; However, if a realistic moving force were to act on the medkit, it would fall straight off the drone, not to mention how the drone’s propellers hook onto it. It’s unclear if DICE will fix this in any way, but since it’s such a unique and interesting mechanic, maybe the developer will find a way to balance it out and incorporate it into the game correctly.

The creativity of the player reigns supreme in the game, and if there are quirks or hidden elements of a game with a large player base, it will likely finally be found. Developers often hide little Easter eggs in games to reward attentive players, but even inadvertent feats can be exciting. Responses to the drone video clip mention other players using drones to transport explosives, and it remains to be seen what else players will use the tool for.

Battlefield 2042 It is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.


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