Thursday, January 20

Arkanoid, the classic of the 80s, will return in 2022 with a new installment

The mythical Arkanoid will return more than 30 years after his debut with Arkanoid – Eternal Battle, a new installment of the arcade that is developing the French studio Pastagames as the result of a collaboration between Micrids and Taito, creators of the original. The studio is known for Pix the Cat, Rayman Legends and Pang Adventures -another classic reinvented for modern times-. No platforms have been announced but hopefully it will reach all systems.

The taser barely shows the logo and the year of launch, but if it does not deviate much from the original formula, again it will put us at the controls of a ship called Vaus that bounces a ball off wall pieces; some blocks include power-ups with various effects, such as multiplying the number of shells; Certain blocks are indestructible or will require a number of hits.

“Players will discover or be reintroduced to the iconic block-breaking game with a totally modernized version,” reads the description. “Arkanoid – Eternal Battle includes solo and multiplayer modes to be revealed in the near future. The classic elements are sure to return “and there will be new effects, bonuses and functions to surprise veteran players.

It became an arcade phenomenon

Arkanoid was the most successful arcade in Japan during 1987 and was praised for its playability, simplicity, addiction and improvements With respect to Breakout original. It revitalized the genre and was imitated by numerous games with more or less variants, it was adapted to different home systems such as Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, ZX Spectrum, mobile phones and, of course, it received sequels.

Presumably, Pastagames will use the occasion to look more spectacular, perhaps similar to what he did Tetris Effect recently, in addition to add those features that are dropped into your taser.

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