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Arkanoid, Taito’s classic, will return with a new installment in 2022 | LevelUp

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The industry is full of classics that have disappeared from the radar of the most current generations of players. Fortunately, several companies are struggling to keep their legacy alive and launch new installments of their iconic sagas.

Taito, Microids and Pastagames today announced an alliance to revive nothing more and nothing less than Arkanoid, a title that was the fun of many during the 80’s. His return will be possible thanks to Arkanoid: Eternal Battle, a new project that is already in development.

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The legacy of Arkanoid will revive next year

Arkanoid: Eternal Battle is a title that promises to satisfy veteran fans of the original game as well as new players who will be entering the series for the first time. This proposal will include several game modes, including solo and multiplayer modes.

The companies described the game as a completely modernized version of the original, so players of yesteryear will be in for a few surprises. Little is known about the launch of Arkanoid: Eternal Battle, as it was only revealed that it will arrive sometime in 2022 on unconfirmed platforms.

Masakazu Suzuki, director of Taito, assured that they are happy that the project is in the hands of Microids, a study that has proven capable of reviving old classics.

“We are very happy that Microids, a company we trust, is releasing a modern version of a popular title that Taito released 35 years ago. We are confident that both old fans and new players will be very satisfied with the game, “commented the manager. Below you can see a gameplay of the classic and a teaser of its modernized version.

Jean Medecin, founder of Pastagames, was also excited about this opportunity, declaring himself a fan of the classic that he met decades ago in an arcade in France. The creative shared part of his story with the game.

“The arcade machine took my breath away (…) We immediately fell in love with each other and our relationship lasted for several years. We all have our own history with Arkanoid. It feels so good to be together again, after all these years, “concluded Medecin.

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Arkanoid: Eternal Battle It is already in development and will debut in 2022. Here you will find more news related to other classic games.

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