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Amstel, winner of the VIII Verkami Dau Barcelona Protogame Contest • Console and Board

The VIII Verkami Dau Barcelona Protogame Contest already has a winner: Amstel. It is a tile-laying duel, set in 14th-century Amsterdam. He was not the only winner of the ceremony.


In its eighth edition, the Verkami Dau Barcelona Protogame Contest continues to support board game authors. The mission is to help transform your prototypes into end games.

The jury has converted Amstel on the winner. We are facing a creation by Guillem Coll Bosch, which benefits from a campaign in Verkami Free of charge, with an initial contribution of 100 euros and the support of a publisher and different channels.

Two players compete according to their own interests, now that the river Ámstel is flowing again. On the basis of their own benefits, they will try to keep you on track. It will be the way to secure your boats and your interests. Otherwise, the mill will end up flooded, destroying everything in its path …

The other winners

The VIII Verkami Dau Barcelona Protogame Contest also had a second prize and four finalists. Paloma Pérez and Rafael Campos take second prize, for Federation.

Combining cooperation and competition, we manage resources, build technologies and negotiate with other players. The mission? Become the most advanced civilization.

Regarding the finalists, we find four titles: Paddle Game, Rex Pacis, Enanas Mineras and Take a Seat. Paddle Game, as its name suggests, it is a paddle tennis match. He resorts to strategy, memory and intuition, added to the luck factor.

King of Peace It drags us to Jerusalem, in the year 33. Specifically, to the Last Supper, where a man prepares to die. The task is to place the apostles according to our interests, deciding whom we favor before their lives come to an end.

On Mining Dwarfs, we will move through a mine. We will manage the hand to optimize movements, keeping a close eye on the golems. It will be the way to get the largest number of gems.

For its part, Take a Seat places us before a theatrical premiere. We will seek to make it the most successful, in a fight against the competition. We will need viewers, deserving of the best site. The 21 games chosen last September have been shown during the Dau Barcelona 2021 Festival.

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