Wednesday, July 6

Activision Blizzard: CEO Bobby Kotick is considering leaving

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, has opened the possibility to leave the company if the bullying culture problems in the study cannot be solved quickly. More than 1000 employees in the last days have protested against Kotick, the protagonist of the latest scandal about harassment and abuse within the company: supposedly he was aware of this problem and is also accused of harassment. In addition to the internal pressures, PlayStation’s Jim Ryan and Xbox’s Phil Spencer have berated Activision Blizzard’s lukewarm response to the lawsuits, and while the board of directors has shown support for the current CEO, the resignation may be a matter of days or weeks.

According to public The Wall Street Journal, Kotick will have met with several executives of the publisher last Friday to assess the problems they face. Although he would not have confirmed his resignation, he believes that it is a possibility if the problems of abuse and harassment are not solved quickly. Some of these executives will have conveyed to Kotick that employees will not be satisfied until you leave. The CEO has lamented the incidents that have occurred during his 30 years in office, as well as the handling of the case.

This media also says that the board of directors studies the creation of a committee of excellence in the workplace, a group that will oversee the company’s efforts to fix the culture in the company, but there are no plans to specifically investigate Kotick, something that based on the latest reports does not seem to calm critics.

The ABK Workers Alliance is clear: calls for Kotick’s resignation

The workers have launched a petition to be signed by all employees of the company’s studios and offices, which right now exceeds 1700 signatures. “The information that has come to light about their behaviors and practices in the operation of our companies goes against the culture and integrity that we require from our leadership, and directly conflicts with the initiatives initiated by our colleagues,” he says. the ABK Workers Alliance document.

The complaints in recent months have served to expel numerous directors and veterans of the company, especially Blizzard, who had participated in the harassment and cover-up of complaints.

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