Wednesday, January 19

This is the iPad Black Friday deal I’m waiting for

I’m the one following this year’s Black Friday iPad deals, and it’s been even harder than ever to find big discounts. But I’m hoping for a specific price for one of Apple’s models, one that I loved when I reviewed it earlier this year.

It’s the super-elusive iPad mini 6, a device that’s only dropped to $ 459 ($ 39 off) this past September on Amazon, just before its launch. Little did we know at the time that this would be the deal to buy, as we have seen few discounts since then. Last Thursday at B + H Photo, it hit $ 469 (where it was at Walmart earlier in the week), and I waited because I knew we’d seen it at a better price.

So to help you find it too (yes I’m open to friendly competition) I have the links to iPad mini 6 in Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Black and white photography, because those are the suppliers where I most hope to see this sale. I give you those links so you can keep clicking to check, as I will in the next few days. Not just because I updated our iPad deals guide, but because I want this awesome little iPad for myself.

Finding an iPad Black Friday deal is something of a new phenomenon in recent years, as Apple products were long considered to be hard-hitting. Like Nintendo games, prices rarely drop. But now we are seeing that change, for whatever reason. And now I can’t stop thinking about the iPad mini 6, one of my favorite gadgets that I reviewed this year.

Small enough to be the perfect companion to my desk monitors, where I can check my personal email accounts, calendar, and messages (don’t put those things on your work computers, folks), and large enough to be Noticeably larger than my iPhone 12 Pro Max, the iPad mini 6 is the “perfect” size tablet that completes most of my workflows. It’s small enough for one-handed use, and that makes it perfect.

Oh and yes, there is a $ 100 sale (after 30 monthly payments) on a cellular-capable configuration at Verizon. But that’s still $ 550 ($ 50 more than the unsold version of the iPad mini 6, and I don’t need cellular service on an iPad.

And while I’ve always wanted an iPad that had its own magic keyboard, I really don’t need it now that I’ve bought a 14-inch MacBook Pro (oh, and please take a look at my full MacBook Pro (14-inch) review for see why I spent so much money on it). Now that the 8.3-inch iPad mini 6 exists, it’s the most exciting iPad of the line to me, as it exists at that sweet spot between a phone and a laptop.

Need more reasons why I love the iPad mini 6 and why you should too? Here’s a list: 10 hours and 56 minutes of battery life in Tom’s Guide battery test (constant web browsing at 150 nits), a surprising amount of sound for such a small tablet, the ultra-fast A15 Bionic system-on-chip. , a beautiful, super-sharp 8.3-inch screen that gets as bright as 520 nits, and that great Center Stage technology for video calling on top.

So keep an eye out for the iPad mini 6. We should see a better sale soon, and it’s a very good tablet that you might even buy if it goes back to $ 459.

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