Wednesday, August 17

Test: How much do you know about children’s board games? (7) • Console and Dashboard

The children’s board games They are a tool for the little ones to learn while having fun (or, at least, that is the goal). Now that the Christmas holidays and presents are approaching, it is not a bad idea to introduce children to this form of leisure.

Through this week’s test, you can find out if you are an expert on the subject or if, on the contrary, you still have to try more children’s games. Like the rest of the challenges in the same series, it can serve as a guide to complete the letter to Santa Claus of your favorite little people.

If this childish challenges does not suit you, you can always test yourself in others related to different themes. In all of them, the conclusions are not necessarily exact (no anger!), Since they are created as entertainment for the players.


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