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Streets of Rage 4 proves other Sega Genesis classics deserve a remake

The success of Streets Of Rage 4 proved that there is a strong market for Sega Genesis classics to be revived and modernized for nostalgic gamers.

the Genesis sega it remains one of the most popular game consoles of all time. Gamers fondly remember classic console games, and beloved gem collections are released regularly for modern consoles, as well as titles that come preloaded with the Sega Genesis Mini..

Unfortunately, many blockbuster Sega Genesis games remain firmly rooted in the past, with no signs of a reboot. However, the recent success of Streets of Rage 4 shows that there is still a huge market for archaic franchises to be reinvigorated with remakes or new sequels.

What Streets Of Rage 4 got right

Streets of Rage 4 was released in 2020 and has sold over 2.5 million copies. It has been praised for its satisfying combat, its eclectic soundtrack, and its bold and colorful art style. All of these successfully combine what made the old classics so popular, with new and modernized elements, including some brave design decisions they have made. Streets of Rage 4 a hit with both the old and the new.

The original Streets of rage It was released in 1991 and helped propel the Sega Genesis to massive worldwide success. Its sequel, Streets of Rage 2, is considered the pinnacle of the franchise and one of the best Sega Genesis games ever released. From its huge and distinctive sprites to its celebrated soundtrack, the game is truly iconic, and the developers at Streets of Rage 4 He knew there would be a backlash if they made a mistake in the design of their long-awaited follow-up.

Fortunately, they made a number of successful decisions when creating Streets of Rage 4. From hiring legendary songwriters Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima to contribute music tracks, to bringing back some old favorites like Barbon to battle the heroes, the developers constantly defined the game’s design options. No wonder Streets of Rage 4 has been so successful, including generating a recent DLC release in the form of Mr. X Nightmare. Now that a template has been established, fans are hopeful that other treasured titles from the Sega Genesis heyday will get the reboot treatment.

Other Sega Genesis classics that deserve a reboot

Cut scenes are common in modern video games, and gamers get used to even the most striking graphic masterpieces. However, in the early ’90s, cinematic sequences like these were far from typical, and games that pushed the limits of the Sega Genesis’ graphical capabilities were rightly revered. One of those games was Another world (released as Out of this world in North America), which featured an opening cinematic that left fans speechless.

The game itself was a nifty atmospheric puzzle platformer, and a modern reinvention as a first-person “immersive simulator” could be a huge hit with fans of creepy sci-fi games like BioShock O Half life. On the contrary, the game would still work perfectly as a side-scrolling platformer if its graphics were overhauled in a way that didn’t undermine the memorable aesthetic of the original game.

The spiritual successor of the game, Retrospective scene, has already had an unexpected sequel announced. The creator of the original Retrospective scene is involved, and the remake promises to deliver a much better experience than the 2013 remake, which was a critical bug.

There are many other titles that Sega Genesis fans would be delighted to see brought to modern consoles. Lemmings was a hugely popular puzzle game, rated as the 21st largest computer game ever released by PC Gamer in 1998. Although it has been carried over to the PS3 and PlayStation Vita in recent years, a re-release for the current generation of consoles surely it would be well received.

Fans of Streets of rage and similar displacement fighters would also appreciate a return to the world of Golden ax. The original game allowed players to guide their barbarian hero, Valkyrie or dwarf through a devastated fantasy landscape, battling the looting minions of the cowardly villain Death Adder. It’s easy to imagine a reworked title as a third-person action-adventure title in the vein of God of War.

From Adventures of Rocket Knight for Ristar, the options available to developers looking to revitalize a forgotten Sega Genesis game or franchise are endless. Next Streets of Rage 4the success and announcement of Flashback 2, fans of retro games eagerly await news of the revival of new classics.

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