Sunday, January 23

Sega’s deal with Microsoft doesn’t make the ‘Super Game’ exclusive

The “strategic alliance” between SEGA and Microsoft to develop video games that use the cloud technology of Azure servers not result in exclusive titles for Xbox consoles or the services of the American company, as clarified by the developer of Sonic: The Hedgehog and Yakuza in the presentation of its financial results (it goes VGC).

The Japanese company announced in early November that large-scale and global games in a new generation environment created with the Azure cloud platform. At that time there was talk of taking the titles that emerged from the collaboration to a wider audience, 5G network, “high-quality experiences using cloud technologies” and other terms that do not clarify what type of products will emerge from the agreement.

“We already have one very close business relationship with Microsoft. We have outsourced the development of their large-scale titles as a third-party company and we are offering a variety of titles, “says SEGA in the comments to the financial results referring to games such as Halo Wars 2 and Age of Empires IV, created by Creative Assembly and Relic Entertainment studios, both owned by the Japanese.

“When we announced the concept of Super Game, Microsoft understood that vision, and that led to this ad. On this, we are not talking about launching games for Microsoft exclusively, but about developing the Super Game that will be offered globally with its technical support “, they conclude from SEGA.


The ambitious and abstract “Super Game”

SEGA has mentioned in its latest financial reports that Super Game, a project currently vague for the public (they speak of a “huge global title” focusing on the “online”, the “community” and the “use of intellectual property”), which has no launch date and for which they do not hesitate to make multi-million dollar investments. They are considering dedicating 882 million dollars to promote development of that title and for the possible acquisition of other studies in Japan and abroad.

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