Thursday, January 20

Riot Releases Gameplay of Project L, the LoL Fighting Game | LevelUp

After years of silence, Riot Games finally showed news of Project L, his new fighting game based on the universe of League of Legends. The company released a presentation with several minutes of gameplay, where brothers Tom and Tony Cannon talked about the future of this project.

But before starting, they made it clear that the demo is just a representation of what they aspire to achieve later: “We created this to define the final aesthetics of the game, in preparation to start building all our content as characters and settings” said director Tom Cannon.

Project L It will be easy to start playing, but difficult to master: although the controls will be accessible, the game will reward players who take the time to master all the mobility of their characters. In addition, it will be a tag fighter which means that each player will have a team of 2 fighters each battle.

Another important feature is that it will have netcode rollback. Traditionally, titles of this genre have suffered greatly from their poor online playability, almost always affected by excess lag and connectivity problems. But the Cannon brothers confirmed that Project L you will pay close attention to this section, and it will be designed to work consistently online.

When will the game come out? According to Riot, it is still too early to commit to a release date, but the good news is that next year there will be at least 2 presentations like this: “You will hear more from us in the second half of 2022,” added Tom. . For now, it only remains to wait for that date.

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