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Returnal was the biggest Game Awards nomination snub

Returnal is one of the best games of the year, but it didn’t garner many nominations for The Game Awards despite being an obvious choice.

Awards season in the games industry is always an exciting time, as fans can see their favorite titles of the year being recognized and studios have a chance to win awards for their work. Yesterday, the Game Awards announced their official list of nominees, and while it captures many of this year’s best games, some game fans can’t help but feel like the awards have snubbed one of this year’s best: Return.

Return It wasn’t completely forgotten by the Game Awards, as it was nominated for three categories: Best Game Direction, Best Audio Design, and Best Action Game, but some can’t help but feel the game is lacking in some categories where it could potentially be the one. clear winner. Prizes, or lack thereof, do not make a game better or worse, but it is always surprising when a game of such high quality as Return He is not recognized for his efforts. At the end of the day, more prizes for Return It won’t inherently change anything about it, but it’s important that games that break the traditional mold of what’s popular in the industry are praised so they can pave the way for other titles to do the same.

Categories The return was rejected

As mentioned above, Return He’s certainly seeing some representation at the Game Awards, but he’s still lacking in several categories where he would probably do well. It is important to note that this does not mean that there are games that do not deserve it listed in any of the categories, but that Return it is just as worthy of being nominated. The obvious choice of where many bullet hell roguelike fans believe the game belongs to is the Game of the Year category, where it would face off. Deathloop, Metroid Dread, Psychonauts 2, Resident Evil Village, It takes two, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. There are many good arguments why all those titles could be worthy of the award, but Return is without a doubt a strong contender with his perfect combination of tense gameplay, gripping narrative elements, and masterful presentation.

The other category that Return It seemed like a safe bet because it was eventually passed over in favor of other titles like Best Art Direction. Return It features six different environments, each of which is completely unique from the rest, making the game one of the most visually stunning of the year in environment design alone. Combine that with the game’s enemy design and attack patterns and it quickly becomes a standout for its superb visuals that deserve industry-wide recognition. Anyone who has played it can remember how beautiful the alien world of Atropos is, and Return It certainly could have won the Best Art Direction category had it been nominated.

The last two categories that Return He should have been a contender for not being shoo-ins for the game, but he certainly deserved to be part of the conversation. Despite its duller nature, Return It could have been voted Best Narrative with the way the game combines its story about trauma and PTSD with its punishing gameplay. The story is not as straightforward as that of other nominees, but is told over the course of many careers as with other beloved roguelikes such as hell, but that shouldn’t discredit its quality.

Jane Perry, who plays ReturnSelene’s main character could also have been nominated for Best Performance. Since Selene is one of the only characters to speak in the entire game, Perry carries the narrative with her performance and should be recognized for it. She may not be as talkative as other nominated characters, but when Perry speaks as Selene, she is important and memorable.

Return It is available now for PS5.


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