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Project L, the 2vs2 fighting game from League of Legends, shows new gameplay

Project L, the game of 2D team fight by Riot Games set in the universe of League of Legends, has already laid its foundations, as announced Tom Cannon, Senior Director and Executive Producer of the title announced in 2019 during that year’s EVO. Next to Tony Cannon, director tcnico, in the following video they detail what those main concepts are, the work that lies ahead and the aspirations of Project L. In addition to showing gameplay preliminary that serves to present the renewed visual style, make it clear that the launch date is still far off: at the earliest, it will be released in 2023.

The gameplay presented is a “vertical slice“, a video of the gaming experience created” to define the definitive look of the game, before creating all the content, such as characters and settings “, in the words of Cannon, who assures that “there is still a lot of work ahead” to create a fighting game that allows “the community to dedicate themselves to, playing for years or even decades.”

So far they have created the basic gaming experience, defined the controls (which will be accessible to any type of player but profound for the most experienced in the genre), they have established an artistic direction, and in short, they have “finished deciding all the aspects that make a game a game”, but they remain Tasks like creating a “complete template of champions, design scenarios, add menus and UI [interfaz de usuario], create the classification systems and much more. “

Fight for teams with the best possible network code

They have specified that “to be a team fighting game, in which you will have to train and control a team team consisting of two champions different. “The video shows Darius, Jinx, Ahri y Ekko. “Regarding the controls, we have taken an approach focused on being easy to learn, but difficult to master,” continues the developer.

Project L is intended to “create the best possible network code for a fighting game.” Use the rollback usual in fighting games, which will be complemented with the RiotDirect used in the MOBA and in the shooter tactical Valuing to minimize latency.

Project L

Riot Games dar more details from their tag team fighting game earlier in the second half of 2022, and later that same year they will make another communication about the video game.

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