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How to install Windows 11 right now and avoid the wait

Just because Windows 11 has been released doesn’t mean it’s available to everyone. Microsoft has been rolling out the installation for Windows 10 users, which is a slow process. It may take months for the update to come to you naturally.

Fortunately, there is a way to skip the line if you want to install Windows 11 ASAP. The best part is that all of this seems to be on the table, because it is based on the official Microsoft report. Windows 11 Setup Wizard.

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How to install Windows 11: check if you are eligible

The first thing to do is verify that your PC is not yet eligible for an upgrade to Windows 11. So head over to Settings menu, then go Update & Security> Windows Update> Check for Updates.

If you can get Windows 11 already, you will see something that says Feature update to Windows 11. Just click download and install and Windows will do all the rest for you.

Windows 11 Setup Wizard

If the update is not available, your next best option is to use Microsoft’s Windows 11 Setup Wizard. That can be found and downloaded from the Microsoft Windows 11 update page.

Once the download is complete, click on the file and press To run. This will check your PC to make sure it meets all the Windows 11 system requirements. Once it is confirmed that you can run Windows 11, press Accept and install and once the software is installed, you will be asked to restart your PC.

This will finish the installation and your PC may restart multiple times during this process. But, as long as you keep it on, you can let Windows fix everything for you.

Windows 11 updates: other available options

If you don’t want to do the simple upgrade for whatever reason, Microsoft also points out that there are more technical options. The first is to create Windows 11 installation media for reinstalls of clean operating system installations.

Just download the media creation tool from the update page, install it, and follow the onscreen instructions. This method will allow you to save an installation file to a USB drive or create a Windows 11 ISO file that can then be burned to DVD.

Alternatively, you can download an ISO file directly from Microsoft’s update page, in case you want to create a bootable installation media or create a virtual machine before installing Windows 11.

All you need to do here is select Windows 11 from the drop-down menu and hit Download. Then another drop-down menu will appear asking you to confirm the product language, at which point you press Confirm followed by the 64-bit download.

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