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Gotham Knights creators WB Montreal working on unannounced game

Warner Bros. Games Montreal They are working on a unannounced game besides in Gotham Knights. The study whose raw pear was Batman Arkham Origins announced in March the delay of the cooperative action adventure in the open world starring Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl until 2022. Some unofficial information suggests that this title they are creating in parallel has to do with the dc characters.

The information that concerns us today comes from the curriculum in LinkedIn of two company employees, identified by James Sigfield on Twitter. Megan Berry, a senior artist at the Canadian company, worked between September 2019 and June 2021 in an “unannounced” game. He was in charge of “the main pillars of the gameplay“and co-founded the” project with the creative director in addition “to his responsibilities in Gotham Knights, in addition to taking care of production tasks.

Berry remains with the company as a senior artist of Gotham Knights. Ade EsanAn advanced game designer, he has been handling the artificial intelligence of enemies and bosses in the same game since June. However, until that month too I was working on an “unannounced project” designing the character’s combat and abilities.

Warner Bros. Montreal launched job offers in June to work on a new project triple A where developers capable of creating “a third person open world action game” of a new intellectual property. The study is specialized in dc comics sagas, so we could be talking from a game of Teen Titans to one of The Justice League, passing through the most speculated: a new adventure of Superman.

One to the movidito for Warner Bros. Games

The Canadian study launch Gotham Knights on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC next year. They had previously developed Batman: Arkham Origins and four DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight. If there are no delays, Warner Bros. Games will release on 2022 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Hogwarts Legacy and LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

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