Monday, August 8

Electronic Arts rejected DICE developing Star Wars Battlefront 3

DICE, the developers of Battlefield and the Star Wars: Battlefront modern Electronic Arts an idea for Star Wars: Battlefront 3, but the American company rejected the project from the Swedish study, which after Battlefield 2042 work on your next game. The information comes from Tom Henderson, insider usual in the information related to DICE.

The reason, according to a former DICE developer Quoted by Henderson, it is in the costs of using the Lucasfilm and Disney license: “It was rejected because it was you need 20% more sales to earn the same money“. The senior managers of Battlefront left the studio in 2020: Dennis Brnvall (creative director of Star Wars Battlefront II), Christian Johannes (principal dissector of gameplay) and Guillaume Mroz (lead designer of heroes).

Henderson assures that DICE is developing another Battlefield and who saw one build, simply titled “dev-next”, in October, which he says means he has past the concept design phase of the game, something that usually takes months. The journalist recalls that starting to devise a project while immersed in the development of another is something common in the industry: “did not take development time from Battlefield 2042“.

Electronic Arts has two sets of Star Wars in development, both oriented towards the single-player experience and the narrative. Henderson does not clarify which studios are responsible for those titles, but rumors in recent months point to an EA Motive game (Star Wars: Squadrons, Dead Space Remake) and another from Respawn Entertainment, possibly a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which far exceeded EA’s sales expectations (more than 10 million copies).

Other games Star Wars Developing

Lucasfilm Games announced earlier this year that the license Star Wars yes will not be exclusive to Electronic Arts. At the same time, Ubisoft reported that Massive (The Division) are working on an open world game in the series. Zynga (Farmville) launch in 2022 Star Wars: Hunters on Nintendo Switch and mobiles. Aspyr Media together with Sony Interactive Entertainment are developing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake. EA and BioWare to launch the expansion Legacy of the Sith for Star Wars: The Old Republic December 14. In addition, a new game in the series will be announced that same day.

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