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Confirmed! Netflix is ​​already working on Season 2 of Arcane, League of Legends series | LevelUp

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The animated series of League of Legends, after 2 years of being revealed, debuted this month. Although those in charge of the project had hinted that it would expand beyond the first season, Netflix had not confirmed their plans. But today there was good news for fans, as it was revealed that a second season is on the way.

Today, November 20, the last 3 episodes of the last season of Arcane, the animated series of League of Legends which is available exclusively on Netflix. So with the arrival of the episodes The Savior, Water and oil and The monster you created, Netflix and Riot Games announced through their social networks that Season 2 is already in production.

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When will Season 2 of League of Legends?

Not many details were offered about it beyond an animation with alphanumeric characters that confirms the message.

Thus, not much is known about this new project, but it is expected that it will be borne by those responsible for the first season. We remind you that Season 1 has 9 chapters (divided into 3 acts), each one 40 minutes long, so it is possible that Season 2 is equally divided into this number of chapters.

There was no official information on the possible premiere date of the next season of Arcane by Netflix, but it is important to say that Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, shared interesting details about it.

This manager anticipated in 2019 that there were plans to make “multiple seasons” of Arcane And today, shortly after the announcement of Season 2, he mentioned that the wait is not so long, because it will not take them as long to do the second season as it happened with the first (almost 6 years), but he made it clear that unfortunately it will not arrive in 2022.

Season 1 of Arcane was revealed in 2019 and had a premiere scheduled for 2020, but it was delayed until 2021. Taking into account that the development lasted 6 years, the project would have started in 2015. That said, the calendar coincides and it is possible that the series will debut in 2023, 2 years after it was announced, just like Season 1. We’ll keep you posted.

The confirmation of the second season does not come as a surprise when you consider how well the series has done since its premiere and has even influenced the selection of characters in games of League of Legends .

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What do you think of this news? Have you already seen the first chapters of Arcane? Tell us in the comments.

Arcane is available on Netflix. You can find more news related to League of Legends if you visit this page.

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