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Call of Duty: Vanguard – Einhorn’s Best Rotary Gear

The Einhorn Revolving is featured as your average shotgun in Call of Duty: Vanguard. With the proper load, the results are anything but average.

Average is a dirty word in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Having a weapon without a specific specialization feels like a distinct disadvantage. With all the min / max the community does on the forums, it can seem like a weapon between the extremes is left behind.

But there really is no reason for this and the Einhorn Revolving proves it. Being balanced means being prepared for any number of situations. Making a load on Call of Duty: Vanguard Preparing for each scenario leads to deaths and wins more often than a niche or a gimmick.


The bad news is that there is no operator that lists the Einhorn Revolving as their weapon of choice. This, unfortunately, means that no operator increases the experience of the weapon while handling it. In turn, the gun does not provide additional experience to any operator.

The good news is that players who have unlocked all Operators will be able to select their favorite character based on backstory, voice lines, and appearance. Once at max level, this pistol is on equal footing with any other pistol that has a favorite operator listed.

Attached files

Muzzle A5 smoothbore
Barrel Klauser 560mm Fast
Optical 1913 Variable 4-8x
Stocks VDD Hunter
Underbarrel Carver Foregrip
Magazine Cilindro redondo Birdshot 5
Ammo type Reduced dust
Rear grip Pine tar grip
Competence Gung-Ho
Team Fully charged

Among all the weapons that are unlocked at the beginning, the Rotary Einhorn may not rank highly, but that’s only because it doesn’t start with any of these perfect accessories. This is an aimless hip shot build that can rip any opponent apart in two shots.

Two shots may seem like a lot, but consider this; Currently only a shotgun can kill an enemy with a single body shot and requires very precise ranged build that hardly feels like a shotgun. Also, the rate of fire in this build is ludacris, so both shots are fired in the window in one shot.

Secondary weapon

Many players will wish they had access to the MK11 while achieving the “Ticket Please” achievement, but having access to it in multiplayer feels just as awesome. This construction for the Rotary Einhorn is not designed to be used at any range grade.

Therefore, the player needs a mid-range weapon for when it is simply not possible to safely cross a corridor or ravine. Throw some grenades and clear some space before charging forward. It is the perfect complement to a weapon that needs to get close to be successful.


Benefit 1 Ninja
Benefit 2 Go ahead Intel
Benefit 3 Light

Although this version does not specialize in silence, the steps are very strong in this game. With a movement speed that is disappointing even at its maximum speed, Call of Duty: Vanguard demands that close-range encounters need a lot of help.

Ninja is a huge perk that would have come in handy during various missions. However, it prevents players from noticing that the Einhorn Revolving is approaching them from the back and sides. These are the bread and butter kills and do not require a silencer as the fight ends before it begins.

Lethal groove

Different versions of the game have different unlocks initially, but everyone has access to Gammon Bomb from the beginning. It is not the strongest explosion, but it instantly detonates and assists the Rotating Einhorn when the bullets are depleted.

After all five shots are fired, players will be faced with reloading, which is certainly a weakness of the weapon. In those situations where an opponent was shot once but is still standing, throw this grenade to finish the job. Then reload when the opponent has been safely dispatched.

Tactical slot

Ideally, players are positioned next to enemies on the baseline. But that’s not always how the game works, is it? Those who do not take into account imperfect situations are asking for rough play. Fortunately, the # 69 stun grenade is there for when things go wrong.

When you are face to face with an enemy after turning a corner, throw this. The detonation is immediate, much like the Gammon Bomb, and it makes players go crazy for a moment so the Rotating Einhorn can work its magic up close.


  • Intel

  • Spy plane

  • War machine

Players may be disappointed to see that there are no higher kill streak rewards listed here, but keep in mind that close-up builds like the shotgun are always at risk. The Einhorn Revolving is not designed to get twelve kills in a row without taking serious risks in the process.

So keep them cheap. Two of the cheapest perks are Intel and Spy Plane, both of which will help track down enemies. Warmachine is like a bigger and stronger MK11 launcher and the gun lasts until death until all rounds are fired.

Field update

While this may seem like too much of a means of locating enemies, remember that many enemies have a means of staying hidden from the Intel Forward buff and the various killstreak options. The field microphone detects all enemies on the move for superior vision.

There are a few other tasty options, but anything useful for the Rotary Einhorn has a slow cooldown. With lives meant to be short but effective, this is the best option that will be available often enough to make a difference.

Call of Duty: Vanguard was released on November 5, 2021, and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.


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