Wednesday, August 17

Ancelotti’s Madrid 2.0 progresses adequately

Abarely a third of the season has elapsed, little for some when it comes to drawing conclusions, a lot for others if we take into account the three national team stoppages that prevent the clubs from entering into a continuous dynamic of competition. There are 16 games played for the second Real Madrid from Carlo Ancelotti in the season, and the data show a solid evolution with respect to those of the same competition section in the 20-21 academic year, with Zinedine Zidane at the helm of the white team.

More goals

Ancelotti: “La Dcima? A little while to lose it …”

Perhaps the most striking, and obvious, is the improvement in the team’s scoring production. There are 37 goals for the 26 of last year, in which Madrid scored 88 goals, for a final average of 1.69 goals per game. In this course the average is 2.3, and the team has already signed a few resounding goals (1-4 to Alavs, 5-2 to Celta, 6-1 to Mallorca, 0-5 to Shakhtar), although he has also won some games by small differences. But in the 20-21 season it never went beyond the four goals scored in the same game.

Best attack

In general, the rest of Madrid’s offensive statistics have grown along with the number of goals. Shooting effectiveness has nearly tripled, a fact that is directly related to the improvement before the goal of Vinicius, which has raised its hit range from less than 50% to about a 75%. Ancelotti’s Madrid finishes more and better at goalkeeper than Zidane’s last (50 more shots to date) and has nearly doubled the number of assists of its predecessor.

Kroos: “It was hard for me to start, but now I can say that I am fine”

Best defense

On the other side of the field, there is also improvement, although the team is far from the ideal of offensive performance of the Italian coach, who has barely been able to implement the pressure in the opposite field so far due to various circumstances. In any case, the average number of goals conceded has dropped 1.3 to 1, with a Courtois that continues to challenge the status of the best goalkeeper in Europe and a new do of centrals, the one formed by Alaba and Militao, that little by little their defensive conditions are fitting.

Stable spinal cord

The team remains strong in midfield, with Casemiro, Kroos and Modric firm as referents (Valverde and Camavinga they are resources, but not props an), improving the global data of good passes, both in their own field and in the opposite field.

Two ‘buts’

Only two parameters get worse compared to the first 16 games of 20-21. On the one hand, the percentage of possession, although the team is still in positive global numbers. And the number of regattas attempted, although in minimal amounts: 356 to 353. In any case, the team’s situation in the two tournaments that it has already started is better this season than in the last: second in the league (it was third in 20-21) and Leader of his Champions group (second, after Mnchengladbach).

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