Thursday, January 20

Xavi: “We will play better”

Xavi Hernndez I celebrated the victory against him Spanish, although he admitted that he still expects much more from his players and hopes that the team’s game will improve.


“We have suffered, it is clear. They are a great team, organized and who play well. It is difficult to make goals for them. It has cost us, really. It is still early, we have trained few things. I am happy with the attitude and satisfied with the result, but we have suffered a lot. Nobody wins easily today, but we have to improve. The illusion of the people has helped us. Happy for the team’s values. I think the team has been emptied. We will play better. We have many things yet to understand, but these are three very important points. “


“Espanyol squeezes and has many weapons. We have suffered. We must value the effort and watch the game. We have suffered and it is not easy to beat any team.”

The game

“At times I have seen a good Bara. I think we have not understood attacking the spaces at the right time. It was a good day to chop the extremes and play with the interiors in the second row. If you start winning, everything is easier” .

Party reading

“I liked the defensive line, the tactical order. Opening the wing well. We do not have pure wingers. We have pulled young people and I think the two who played there have played a great game. We have to improve the end of the game, possession, being calm with the ball. The last 15 minutes required positional play and we haven’t had it. “

The extreme kids

“I was looking for open ends and one on one. It is not easy, but they have done well. It is difficult to attack a line of five. We need to threaten also from the wings, not only from the center”

The stadium

“I am very happy. Six years ago there was no such atmosphere. It has been wonderful to see the Camp Nou like this. Not grateful, the following.

The penalty

“They tell me it is a penalty. He would have whistled it live.”

Bajn in the second part

“It is not a physical problem but one of interpretation of the game. We had to have the ball in the opposite field and have a lot of personality. It is a football problem, not a physical one. I don’t think the problem is physical.”

Importance of winning

“It’s clear. We are building a project and getting the three points gives us a lot of enthusiasm and vitality. I think that in 70 minutes we were good. We must improve. They had to step up to draw and there it required that we play in their field.”

Defense problems

“We have been good in the surveillance. Recovered many second plays. The surveillance is key and we will have to work on them because they have been able to turn and that cannot be. It is a matter of concentration. I see more credit for Espanyol than we do. They have a lot of credit for them. good footballers. “


“I spoke to him the other day and I don’t know anything. What has come out is not true.”

Three more injured

“Nico is a sprained ankle and it does not seem serious. Busi has discomfort in the calf and it does not seem serious. Mingueza was a cramp at the end due to overexertion.”

Fix sticking problem

“We have to improve the players we have, who give us more.”

Do you suffer more on the bench?

“You enjoy playing more, it is clear. Today has suffered. It is difficult to win easy today. Everyone is organized and works well tactically. Football has taken a turn in recent years. It is difficult. It is a great day for us . Today we have won. The Bara is to win and today the culs must be happy “.

Fight for LaLiga

“We are far away, but there are days left. Why not? We have experience from previous leagues that have come back many points. Only with attitude, effort and sacrifice, Barcelona has to go up. I am optimistic, but let’s see. It is my Coach’s first victory. The team deserved it and needed it. “


“I am calmer, but Tuesday will be another war. We have to recover the players because that will be another final. We play at home and we cannot fail in these values. In terms of football, we have to improve.”


“It has been noticed. We appreciate the enthusiasm and the desire. I have not been to the Camp Nou for six years and I have noticed an immense change. The fans have continued to cheer when they suffer. We have generated enthusiasm. I thank them and see if they can be there. giving everything on Tuesday too. It’s a tremendous change. We will work to make them proud. “

65% possession

“The threshold is between 60 and 80. Today’s opponent has a lot of level. More than possession, which is very good, I want it to serve to be better and generate things. You can generate many more things in attack. You have to dare more . We could risk more in attack, but it is something of confidence and time “.

Those who have not played

“I have to decide 11 and that is the worst moment. I feel bad leaving people on the bench. There will be opportunities for most or almost everyone. They will play.”

Aspire to everything

“Yes, why not. We are the Bara and we must believe.”

Abd y Gavi

“Abde’s second half has been extraordinary. He has that self-confidence, that point of unconsciousness that makes him attack the winger every time. He has a lot of talent. Extraordinary, like Ilias. Gavi is very good, but they all are. Nico, Pedri, the veterans… “

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