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Wave Duo massage device from Therabody brand

The brand Therabody It has in its product catalog different vibration massage devices to treat localized areas of the body in which there are tensions or discomfort as a result of stress or accumulated pressure. The vibration massage therapy it is suitable to facilitate the recovery of these points.

Among the product range available today, we must highlight the Wave Duo, an ergonomic roller of vibration to treat accumulated tensions in different parts of the body. It provides a contoured design that adapts to the body’s anatomy and as a consequence of its low weight, it can be easily moved from one area to another.

Integra five powerful vibration frequencies and wavy traction grooves that work to deliver the right pressure angles to the areas that need it, to soothe pain, reduce tension and improve movement.

Control by app

Therabody has developed an application in which a variety of wellness routines have been included: Routine for the mid-lower back area, routine for the upper body, and recovery routine after a workout, among others.

Featured values

Ergonomically shaped portable design. The contoured shape is the result of years of research, working with engineers and specialists to provide comfortable wear and proper pressure angles to the body’s curvatures.

It has a novel wavy texture that provides maximum traction.

The battery gives an autonomy of 200 minutes.

It works silently, as it has a noise dampener among its features.

Dispose of 5 customizable vibration frequencies to adjust to the needs of each situation.

Integration through the Bluetooth connection with the Therabody application, which personalizes the routine and guides the achievement of wellness goals.

It is available in black.

The brand provides a one-year warranty

Standard includes protective carrying bag and USB-A to USB-C cable


Scientifically designed for the back and neck as well as curves around the spine to safely treat muscles in the areas mentioned.

Custom Vibration Settings – Adjust to your own comfort level to relieve pain, reduce tension, increase range of motion, and improve movement.

Smart Connectivity – Connects to the mobile app via Bluetooth for full control of the trainer experience. Allows you to adjust the intensity of the vibration and perform guided recovery routines.

Its wavy texture with silicone grooves adjusts pressure on the muscle, while providing optimal traction control.


The equipment provides a simple and effective vibration therapy that adapts to the curvature of different areas of the body, making this intelligent and portable vibrating roller a very versatile treatment solution.

Its vibration frequencies and wavy grooves work to provide the right pressure angles to the areas that need it, to soothe pain, reduce tension and improve movement. It is suitable for physical problems such as a strained back, contractures and sore calves.

Its personalized operation and intelligent connectivity allow to establish guided recovery routines specifically adapted to each need.

Muscle work focuses on applying different angles of pressure to the area that needs it. The wavy grooves add an extra dimension of pressure to the muscle.

Product objective and approach

To deal with the sedentary lifestyle problems aggravated by the introduction of teleworking, the company Ergono Group has announced the creation of the range called Personal welfare to improve the health, especially, of office workers, giving some solutions to combat the problems generated by a sedentary life.

Related news

The World Health Organization (WHO) published just a year ago a guide to face a sedentary lifestyle and promote physical activity. The data facing Spanish society is worrying since, according to Statista, in 2020 more than 30% of Spaniards were considered sedentary. It may seem that they are data closely linked to the pandemic, but the truth is that, in 2017 according to the same source, the figures oscillated around 40% of the population in the youngest age groups.

Many companies have detected difficulties for their employees during teleworking due to not having an adequate space to work at home. Therefore, they have begun to develop programs of wellness for employees. Ergono Group, one of the Spanish companies that manufactures ergonomic chairs, has recently launched a range of products for personal well-being in its store online Ergonoshop. Its objective is to improve the health and well-being of people by combating the problems generated by a sedentary life, aggravated by teleworking. It currently has a catalog that includes ergonomic chairs and technological products focused on personal well-being.

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